What We Offer.

Ediscapes Landscaping offers many services that are tailored to each individual project. Below you will find some examples of what we can do to transform your yard or garden into something you love. If you do not see what you are looking for in the list below, feel free to contact us to inquire if we can aCCOMMODATE your goals. 


Beds and gardens

There is no better way to liven up your yard than the addition of garden beds. Be it raised beds, traditional garden beds, or custom built garden areas Ediscapes can help you start growing your own food and admiring the beauty of a healthy yard. 


Patios and paths

Adding rock, pavers, or flagstone patios can create a comfortable and easy to maintain outdoor living space. From barbecues to easy summer relaxation, patios offer a wide range of possibility with relatively no maintenance. Each patio is custom built to your space and is often combined with small retaining walls to make a clean and level area. 


Fences and Gates

What better way to add privacy and boundaries to your property than a gorgeous fence? From keeping in the children and dogs to keeping out the children and dogs, fences are a must-have security and privacy component to any property. Add latus to instantly set your fence apart. 



Retaining walls, patio walls, and free-standing walls can highlight elevation changes and boundaries within your yard. Whether you're trying to control erosion or simply want to define your space walls can offer a great solution.  



Look no further for your maintenance needs. Contact us to learn more about keeping your yard tidy and lively throughout the year. 

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Don't like the shape of your yard? Change it! Ediscapes can level, tier, or slope your yard starting with the most basic layers: dirt and soil. From drainage issues to esthetics, hardscaping is the first step towards having a yard you love. 


Lawn Installation  

We offer full lawn services including old lawn removal, soil amendments, grading, sod, and maintenance. Interested in a healthy lawn? Hit the the "Contact Us" button below. 

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